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Every journey begins with one step.


Takahashi Visitors Center assists you in your travel.

Discover a different Japan with Takahashi Visitors Center!

ホーム: ようこそ
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Takahashi Visitors Center



          Takahashi City Tourism Association, Takahashi City Tourism Section and Toyota Rent a Car are working together within Takahashi Visitors Center since December 2021. In our center, YOU choose: you can plan your travek by yourself, we will provide you all the information you need; or you can buy one of our TakahashiTrip pack and follow the path we created for you (see TakahashiTrip section)! 

          Pick your transportation: if you feel adventurous, you can rent one of hour electric scooters and trikes, or  stick to the classics and rent a car at Toyota Rent a Car.

          We also provide a free space where you can help yourself with local tea. Don't forget to check our souvenir corner before leaving us!

Activities and Services

Toyota Rent a Car Bitchu Takahashi Store

Yoiu arrived in Takahashi by train and you are looking for transortation? Ask Toyota Rent a Car! Rent a vehicle and go exploring Takahashi's treasures: Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, Fukiya historical district, Nariwa Museum, the view from Yatakayama Park,Tsuneyama Park's stone mills and and many others! You could even push further to explore Niimi Maniwa and the Southern Okayama. Toyota Rent a Car is flexible: you can drop the car at their store in Okayama Station or Okayama-Momotaro Airport before leaving the prefecture.


Rental electric scooters and trikes

Ideal for short rides, it will take you to the Fuigo Pass, from where you can get to the castle (it is about a 20-minute walk). You can also explore the surroundings of Bitchu Takahashi Station. Electric scooters and trikes are very silent and eco-friendly, as they don't release any greenhouse gas.  

Rental available from 9:00am to 5:30 pm


Jona Café

A coffee shop run by Jonan High School's students


​【Coming Soon】


Temporary luggage storage

Travel light! We're watching your luggage.

Leave us your luggage and explore every nook and cranny of Takahashi!

Opening Hours: 9: 00-17: 30
500 yen per person

Travel Assistance

Any difficulties planning/pursuing your travel? Come and ask us!

  • TakahashiTrip reception desk: registration and payment

  • Information on tourist areas, restaurants, transportation...


Current information on Takahashi

We gather information to make your travel more comfortable

​Before embarking on a new adventure, visit our center to collect all the information you need to travel smoothly. In the entrance, you'll find a wide screen broadcasting the sea of clouds that surrounds Bitchu Matsuyama Castle. In the future, we will have more real time information to male your travel even easier!   【coming soon】

​​Takahashi City Tourism Section (City Hall)

​​Administrative services

The Tourism Section has been moved from Takahashi City Hall to Takahashi Visitors Center in June 2021. 


 Historical Patrimony and Japan Heritage Promotion Bureau

The Historical Patrimony and Japan Heritage Promotion Bureau  has been moved from Takahashi City Hall to Takahashi visitors Center in June 2021. 

Measures against the COVID-19

Takahashi Visitors Center is taking measures to prevent transmission of the COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation.