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Rent next-generation mobility

Sustainable tourism

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2 hours for EV movement, walking and sightseeing at the castle tower 1 hour for meals 1 hour for admission facilities and shopping

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle + lunch + another house
4 hours from TVC

SDGs EV mobility experience

Birth of a new activity

Fashionable and cool next-generation mobility experience in the central city of Takahashi called Little Kyoto in Btsuchu 

The area around JR Bitchū-Takahashi Station has developed as a castle town of the Bitchū-Matsuyama clan. Historical spots are scattered here and there, such as the streets where samurai residences from the Edo period remain, the stone wall temples that look like castles, and the Konyasuji Bikan Historical Quarter, which has been selected as one of the "100 Best Roads in Japan". At the Takahashi Tourism Exchange Center (TVC), which is a 2-minute walk from the station, we will start renting eco-friendly EV bikes! Feel free to enjoy it as a foot for sightseeing, lunch and shopping!


A little ride

Gachi ride



From October to November 2021, we received financial support for the "Next-generation mobility that protects the environment freely and happily as a means of transportation to Yamashiro in the sky" project at Harefure Okayama Crowdfunding READYFOR.

A collection of sightseeing materials around JR Bitchū-Takahashi Station


・ Turn Mr. Hoya into a taiga drama! Quotations left by the financial genius "Yamada Hokoku" who is lively in the movement

"Twelve monuments of the road of Hoya" and "Yamada Hoya memorial hall" engraved on the 12 stone monuments

・ The nationally designated scenic spot "Raikyu- ji Garden" in the Zen-in style dry garden, which was built by Kobori Enshu in the early Edo period.

・ "Ishibiyacho Furusato Village", a townscape with white-walled nagayamon and earthen walls

・ A tree-lined road of cherry blossoms and willows continues, including the oldest Takahashi Christ Church in the prefecture and the ruins of the clan school.

The emotional "Koyagawa Bikan Historical Quarter"

・ Locations of popular movies that everyone has heard

Shochiku movie "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" "Shorenji Temple / Yakushiin" "Okamura Residence Gate" ,

Kadokawa movie "Battery" "Shiromi Observatory" "Nakasu Park" ,

Toho movie "Star Reformer" "Polka Tenmaya Happy Town" ,

   "Burning Sword" "Raikyuji Garden" 2021 10/15 released


Lunch & souvenir collection around JR Bitchū-Takahashi Station


★ Instagram! "Cafe Rest Chateau" bucket parfait

★ Local menu! Indian tomato fried noodles "Gomangoku" "Jujutei"

★ Very popular with Takahashi citizens! Raw dora of "Aoyagi"

★ The blessings of the Takahashi River! "Uotomi" sweetfish dish

★ Takahashi's yakiniku is actually excellent! Yakiniku lunch at "Omonitei" "Yakiniku Sun" directly managed by the ranch

◎ Yubeshi, a famous confectionery that has been loved since the Edo period

◎ Tea leaves grown in the foggy town of Takahashi Takahashi black tea

◎ Manju, cookies, and rice crackers with the motif of the popular cat castle owner, Sanjuro.

◎ Important intangible folk cultural property, Bichu Kagura mask is characteristic



  • Because it is a three-wheeled vehicle, it has a sense of stability.

  • The slope to the Bellows Pass also runs up powerfully.

  • No helmet required when driving on public roads(We recommend wearing a helmet for safety)

  • Requires a regular car license or higher

Open commemorative special price

90 minutes 1,500 yen/ 4 hours 2,500 yen


  • Due to its small size, it is designed so that anyone can easily drive it.

  • Ideal for riding in the castle town of Takahashi. Easy to handle even in narrow alleys.

  • Helmet required

  • Requires a motorized bicycle license or a regular car license or higher

Open commemorative special price

90 minutes 1,000 yen/ 4 hours 2,000 yen

<Common information>

◆ Important notice

・ You need a motorized bicycle license or a regular car license to use it.

・ For safety reasons, we may refrain from renting out if bad weather is expected during rainy weather or rental time.

(Full refund if not available due to weather)

◆ Insurance / Compensation (In case of an accident, insurance will be paid within the limit below)

・ Personal compensation: Unlimited per person (including liability insurance)

・ Objective compensation: Unlimited per accident * Self-pay amount of 0 yen

・ Vehicle insurance: Upper limit of 210,000 yen per accident * Self-pay amount of 30,000 yen (EV TRIKE target / EV SCOOTER is not covered by vehicle insurance)

* Target: Collision with other automobiles, single accident, escape to the destination * Theft accidents are not included

・ Personal injury: 30 million yen per person (only while boarding), hospital admission fixed amount benefit 100,000 yen, post-mortem disability fixed amount benefit 5 million yen


◆ Cancellation fee (Please contact us at least 2 days in advance to change or cancel your reservation)

The day before: 20%

On the day: 50%

[Free rental] One-shoulder bag / key chain

[Paid rental] Fashionable cool helmet 500 yen



  • 1 時間 30 分

  • 4 時間

  • 1 時間 30 分

  • 4 時間

  • 1 時間 30 分

  • 4 時間

  • 1 時間 30 分

  • 4 時間

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